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As we know from flipping through our girlfriend's magazines, pheromones are excreted chemicals that send signals like "Hey! Time to mate" or "Go kick the crap out of that other dude before he bangs your girlfriend."

So how does celery get chopped into this?

Well, androstenone is a steroid that is found in human sweat. It gives off a scent, or sex pheromone, that makes men more attractive. Because the cytoplasm of celery contains androstenone, eating it can actually increase the human levels of the steroid and the pheromone-secretion level.

The effects of eating celery are almost immediate, but you don't need to go overboard. "We recommend that a guy work out, have a nice warm shower, chomp on a few sticks of celery, brush his teeth and then head out the door smelling good," says Gaman.

For an added bonus, if you get the girl, celery also increases sex drive and ups the amount of ejaculatory fluids making climax stronger.

Maybe if our moms had mentioned that instead of starving kids in Africa, we'd have been more likely to listen when she told us to eat our vegetables.




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