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Instant Espresso

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The Twist from Mypressi doesn’t look anything like an espresso machine. In fact, it doesn’t look like a machine (there’s no cord, no ON button) so much as the newest massage gadget at Hammacher Schlemmer. And yet the Twist makes such impressive shots of espresso that it’s being taken seriously by some of the most esteemed — and geekiest — figures in coffee.

Some have tested the little gadget, which sells for $160 at Intelligentsia Coffee and Tea, against La Marzocco’s GS/3, a $7,500 state-of-the-art home machine, or even La Marzocco’s FB/80, a professional machine with a base list price of $13,000. Did the Twist outperform the big cats? No. But it held its own.

First, how the Twist works: You put coffee grounds into a filter basket and pour hot water into the small domed chamber on top. So far, so straightforward. Then you pull the trigger, forcing hot water through the coffee at nine bars of pressure. In about 30 seconds you have a lush shot of espresso. All the technology is hidden in the handle, where the pressure from an N2O cartridge is stepped down by a sophisticated mechanism that looks like it belongs in an Airbus A380. You get about eight shots out of one cartridge ($15.99 for 24), which are fully recyclable when spent.




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