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SAE 2009: Govs. Granholm and Schwarzenegger talk green mobility

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he 2009 SAE World Congress kicked off this morning with a free-form, Michigan-first presentation by Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm and then an interview-style talk by California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who arrived over an hour late. Still, Arnold managed to work in some famous lines by first claiming that the car industry is currently saying, "I'll be back" (cue the crowd's knowing laugh) then segueing into a short list of classic one-liners. This seemed to get everyone back on his side.

Most of the presentation was fairly serious, though, with Governor Schwarzenegger saying it is "embarrassing" that the U.S. only generates 2.8 percent of its energy from renewables. On the California waiver issue, Schwarzenegger said that the entire country should have the same regulations (something that CARB's Mary Nichols has also hinted at). He said he believes very strongly that there should be one fuel standard, and California only took the lead because Washington was not stepping up to the plate. Detroit has been slow in advancing alternative power vehicles, he said, but the blame needs to be shared by both the auto industry here and the lack of leadership in Washington. "We cannot make policy based on the oil price," he said.

Someone asked about whether the government should step in and help people get rid of their large vehicles (and you can guess which one came up, right?) and move towards smaller vehicles. Gov. Schwarzenegger said that, "There is nothing wrong with the HUMMER. The HUMMER is a great vehicle." A vehicle's size doesn't matter, he said, what matters are the emissions, the technology. Working with the automakers, Schwarzenegger has put hydrogen fuel cells and biodiesel powertrains into his HUMMERs. This hints at the potential of what could be coming down the line, he said. If Detroit partners with California, there is a ton of potential to advance clean technologies. "There is no reason to deal with the same technology that we've been dealing with for the last 100 years," he said.

Granholm talked for about 35 minutes about the new Michigan-based battery plants that were recently announced, the bailout, the Presidential auto task force and more. While she certainly knew her stuff and gladly answered questions from the audience, I couldn't shake the feeling that she was seriously stalling for time since Arnold was running quite late.




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