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As it happens, the pattern of veins inside your body is a truly personal design, an intricate spider's web that is wholly your own. By flashing low-wavelength light through your middle finger, Hitachi's VeinID reader can get a digital profile of the vein pattern there in less than a second. Hemoglobin in the blood absorbs the light, making it possible for the VeinID camera to record a 3-D image of where that hemoglobin exists in your middle finger. The image below from Hitachi's website is a bit hard to read, but it still illustrates the process.

The best part? All of it happens in less than a second. You can even register the unique vein patterns of other fingers for back-up purposes. Plus, you don't need to wash your hands before identification; in most cases, there's no light-absorbing hemoglobin in dirt.




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