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Google buying Valve? (rumor)

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This is completely at unconfirmed rumor stage, so take it with a big chunk of salt, but Inquirer claims it has “well placed sources” that claim that Google’s acquisition of Valve is imminent.

the acquisition could happen “any second now.”

It doesn’t sound like a very logical acquisition for Google, but Valve’s content distribution platform Steam is a good enough reason for Google to delve into gaming territory. With Steam, Valve has managed to do what no one else has: they’ve made it so easy and simple to download games that users are actually willing to pay for it even when they have a choice of pirating the same content for free. In numbers, it looks like this: 440 available games and over 15 million active user accounts.

It’s tough to say. Ostensibly, Google would want to acquire Valve to take control over the digital distribution business, which is ushering in an era of downloading games directly to consoles without physical media and the company could even use it as a new means of software distribution. And by owning some of the most celebrated titles in gaming to-date, Google could also establish a foothold in the gaming business.




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