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Gifting Subscriptions

created over 3 years ago | Tagged: technology, sensory appeal, physiological, belonging, fun, celebration, gift, subscription, services, present, virtual merge,


Is a subscription to Netflix or some other service for six months a good gift? I was wondering about the moral quandaries of that — they get six months and then they either let this thing they got used to go away, or they have to pay their own money. Sucks! (Maybe?)

I understand the concern, because with most gifts, if you were to take them back after a specific amount of time, you’d be kind of an asshole. “You can have these earrings, but after six months, you need to give me $300, or else I will seize them.” That would be weird and manipulative of you, and I would say that you should spend your money on therapy instead of on time-sensitive presents. (Therapist: “Do you find that you enjoy being withholding?” You: *crying*) Subscriptions, I think, are different. By nature, they require monthly or yearly payment, and the person you’re giving one to will know that. Whether she decides to keep the subscription or not really has no bearing on the goodness of your gift, and it isn’t something you should worry about or take personally. Either she’ll decide she can’t live without it (and if it’s Netflix, that is probably what will happen) or she’ll decide it was nice while it lasted, and that’s all. She will have gotten six months of something she didn’t have (and, ideally, expressed an interest in) before, and that is nice! Besides, it’s like they always say: don’t look a gift subscription in the … end date.




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