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#IHateMyFace self loathing twitter trends

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There are two kinds of people who go around saying “I hate my face:” those who genuinely hate their faces and wish to share this hatred with the world, and those hoping to inspire responses like “No, no, your face is fine. Quite lovely, in fact.”

For proof, just check out Twitter, where the #IHateMyFace hashtag was a trending topic this afternoon. Everyone feels insecure sometimes, and when this happens it’s normal to seek validation from your friends. But “your friends” and “everybody on the Internet” are not the same people, so if you ask a vulnerable question like “Am I ugly?” the answers are likely to be harsh if, rather than asking your friends, you ask YouTube or reddit or any other Internet-wide community. There’s a similar process at work whenever you flat-out express criticism of yourself. All kinds of people Tweeted about the #IHateMyFace trend, including people who meant it, people who wanted to be talked out of it, people who said they hated their face and shared their photo so everyone else could hate it too, people who mocked the people who said they hated their face yet shared their photo, people who mocked the people who mocked the people who said they hated their face … it’s like the house that Jack built, if Jack built it because he hated his face.

#IHateMyFace, an insecure Twitter trend If you're feeling insecure about your appearance, seeking reassurance from the Internet might backfire.

RT @calboab: a lot of people are saying "i hate my face is so attention seeking" and yeah sometimes it is but some people genuinely don't like their face

#Ihatemyface when it just developes pimples outta nowhere, oh gosh

I Hate My Face this really trending?Way to go insecure teenage girls.You're trending on twitter.Get over it&learn to love yourself -.-

RT @IanSinkins: "I hate my face" this is what society has done to people

Girls say "I Hate My Face" but they still be posting pictures of themselves all over facebook ? I swear you said you hated your face ...

" I Hate My Face " I bet duckface girls just trended this, to get compliments.




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