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New Trend: Original

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A trend is something that’s of the moment — but what about when the right now-thing is to be original? If everyone is marching do the beat of their own drum, then nothing is the same, and we find ourselves in a creative pickle. Such is the case with the current situation in event planning, where sentiment and a hint of resourcefulness have become front and center when putting together a big bash.

First things first, let’s start with a venue. Indoor-outdoor locations have become popular — they provide the opportunity for a change of scenery during what could usually be a long night. The space, whether big or small, bare or furnished will be transformed to go with whatever color scheme or theme is chosen. It’s no surprise that orange is the shade of 2012, but specifically, tangerine is the hue. When paired with a smooth minty shade, a punchy yellow, or a paradise turquoise, the palette will set the standard of the formality of the event. A more vibrant atmosphere lets hosts and guests alike feel more comfortable in their choice of dress, whereas a crisp, prim scope hints to guests that this is a proper party and to dress the part.

Menus are becoming much more reflective of the situation. If it’s a wedding, couples are working with caterers to mirror important food memories of meals they've shared as a couple, their hometowns, and even favorite dishes of people in the wedding party. A signature dish created for or by the couple is also a popular trend — usually a cocktail or a dessert, it’s a combination of both the bride and the groom.

Lastly, calling it a night means going out with a bang or continuing the party elsewhere. After parties are all the rage, with menus and venues all their own. Comfort foods, breakfast bars, and various desserts make for a perfect ending touch or an ideal beginning for the wee hours of the morning, as does an open bar.




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