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Pizza Hut Adds Mini Cheeseburgers and Chicken Nuggets to Crust

created over 3 years ago | Tagged: food, pizza hut, cheeseburger, middle east, crown crust, chicken nugget,


Look: shoving a hot dog into a pizza crust does not make for a novelty pizza. This? This is the Crown Crust Pizza from Pizza Hut Middle East, and it is a certifiable novelty pizza. For starters, you have your choice of not one but two separate junk food items to have shoved into your pizza crust: cheeseburgers or chicken fillets. Secondly, the toppings on the main part of the pizza are themed with the crust — so burger toppings on the cheeseburger crust, complete with special sauce, and barbecue sauce and green peppers on the chicken one. Also, this is not the first time Pizza Hut Middle East has gone the Crown Crust route: back in 2010, they were putting meatballs and cream cheese balls in them. That's innovation. Seriously, the Crown Crusts makes American and UK novelty pizzas just look lazy.




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