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created over 2 years ago | Tagged: entertainment, design, health, manhood, branding, redesign, low carb, retro style, miller beer,

D Salgado

Do you really have to put your manhood aside in order to follow a more health-conscious lifestyle? The newly-launched redesign of the Miller64 line by the Chicago-based design firm Soulsight possibly answers the bell with a less-obvious label and packaging. But is it enough to diminish the connotations of a wimpy drink? In the case of Miller64, the number 64 shows prominently on cans and bottles in a retro style that might call to mind the year 1964 as much as the number of calories per serving — while "light" appears more discreetly in the logo. Whether or not this pulls fuller-bodied ale drinkers over to the light side is yet to be seen, but the updated look is a smart one that doesn't betray the product.