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created over 3 years ago | Tagged: fashion, design, technology, sensory appeal, physiological, time, text, watch, watches, words, qlocktwo,


Tokyoflash isn’t the only company to make timepieces with obtuse time-telling schemes. But they certainly seem to be one of the most reasonably priced. The above QLOCKTWO W watch from Biegert & Funk is an interesting concept. It looks like it’s covered in a bunch of letters until you press a button on the side, at which point the time becomes illuminated in plain text. We’re not sure just how precise the scheme is, or if you’ll be confined to knowing the time in quarter hour increments. And we also don’t know the price just yet, although the company did release another product in the past (the QLOCKTWO alarm clock) that relieved its purchasers of a princely $650, so we expect the wristwatch to be in the same ballpark. Availability should be sometime this fall in German and English.




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