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created over 2 years ago | Tagged: entertainment, design, sensory appeal, physiological, dessert, burger king, regional, bacon, nashville,


From the looks of it, a Nashville, TN Burger King location has some pretty sweet regional menu offerings. Amidst a report of Pulled Pork BBQ Sandwiches, Frozen Lemonades, and Sweet Potato Fries, the location seems to be testing something even more intriguing — a new Bacon Sundae.

While no actual shots of the dessert have surfaced, this lawn-sign of BK’s Bacon Sundae shows a mound of what we assume is vanilla soft serve, drizzled in what looks to be chocolate and possibly caramel sauce, bits of bacon sprinkled on top, and a strip of bacon for garnish. No telling what the actual thing will look or taste like just yet, but for now, at least we know it’s real. Somewhere.