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The McRibster Is a Deep-Fried McRib From Austria

created over 3 years ago | Tagged: entertainment, qsr, sandwich, belonging, food, brandalizm, fast food, austria, bacon, deep fried, macdonalds, mcribster,


Oh hello, here is a sandwich called the McRibster, which is basically a breaded and fried McRib. Sure, let's repeat that: this is a deep-fried McRib. This monster of a novelty sandwich is launching at McDonald's all across Austria today, and consists of "juicy pork, bacon, pepper-Jack cheese, and crunchy iceberg lettuce, red onion, delicious honey-mustard sauce and spicy sweet chili sauce." So, correction: that is a deep-fried McRib with bacon on it. And also cheese. The McRibster is available until March 27.




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