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Clothing Warms You Up From the Outside Instead

created over 4 years ago | Tagged: fashion, design, technology, performance, innovation, caffeine, energy, clothing, cold, fabric, warm, charcoal, coffee beands,

D Salgado

performance clothing manufacturer Virus has a more unique approach to using coffee beans to boost your body temperature up to ten degrees: turning it into spandex.

The company's StayWarm line uses a specially developed fabric made from something they call Coffee Char, or coffee charcoal, which is essentially recycled used coffee beans. Using a proprietary process, the grounds are turned into a natural fiber which when worn as a base layer has been found to effectively trap heat and increase the body's temperature by up to ten degrees.

There's no word on if they leave the caffeine in so it can be absorbed by your skin for a quick energy boost, but the clothing is also effective at wicking away sweat and deterring the growth of microbes so you dont stink.




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