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Television Lets You Reach Inside, Control the Action

created over 3 years ago | Tagged: esteem, technology, diety complex, tv, belonging, cameras, virtual merge, cantrol,


You remember Wonkavision from Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, right? Well that portal like ability to reach in and manipulate things inside your television has just become reality… or pretty close. Media student Jayne Vidheecharoen from the Art Center College of Design in California has designed a prototype TV that converts physical hands into virtual ones when users put them in the back of the television, allowing them to manipulate what’s on the screen. Fun stuff! Reaching inside the box, users hands are transported to the screen via a green screen. Digital objects can then be manipulated, including a backdrop of Google Streetview. While the devise looks quite complex, it’s actually made out of fairly cheep technology and would be easily replicable. Besides the pure novelty of it, why build it? She explains:

“I can speculate about a ton of potential ways people might use these boxes, from building entire parallel worlds to cross-country puppet shows”

Willy Wonka would certainly be impressed. Soon she hopes to hook up her devise to the internet, allowing users to interact with her “Wonkavision” remotely. Can’t wait to get my hands in it!




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