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Can Comfort Keep Us From Caring?

created over 4 years ago | Tagged: well being, relaxation, health, spiritual, comfort, caring, humanity, human being, apathy,

D Salgado

Comfort is a real human need--to replenish our zapped physical, emotional and spiritual batteries. Comfort salves the wounds of traffic, health insurance bureaucracy, unemployment and toddler crimes and misdemeanors. Only the most devoted puritan would blow up my cozy recliner or cut the power to your television just as the B-list celebrities begin to dance and the police detectives pick up the trail of the killer (with or without crime scene investigators, coroners, novelists and fake psychics).

The problem is: the rest stop of comfort easily turns into the eternal vacation of bourgeois ease. Comfort food like cheeseburgers, macaroni and cheese or Styrofoam ramen may temporarily relieve sorrow, but as a daily bread they would ruin the palate and harden the arteries. In short, comfort can become an opiate of the masses that dulls our attention to the world around us or even the normal challenges of daily life. Too much ease, and we stop growing as human beings. Our horizons shrink.

Or worse, we simply stop caring. The mass of humanity (not to mention the environment they depend on) remain off the radar screen. We all know about this--the hospitalized friend we did not visit, the gas guzzler we opted not to trade in, the granola bars we hoarded from the homeless man with the cardboard sign at the intersection.




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