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Autom lady-bot will help you lose weight, love you regardless

created over 4 years ago | Tagged: well being, technology, health, progress, meals, weight loss, robots, track, conversations, dieting, autom, exercise habits,


Aw, this little cutie is so adorable -- until she denies you pizza and cheese fries. Autom, the 15-inch talking droid we first caught a glimpse of last year, is back and available for pre-order. Using the LCD touch screen, hungry dieters are prompted to enter daily calorie consumption and exercise habits -- to which the robot will respond kindly to keep you motivated. With face-tracking capabilities and a killingly sweet death stare, Autom is always watching, which might just make you feel guilty enough to skip the dip. The lady bot costs $195 for the deposit and $670 for the device through company's website. Slated to ship in 2012, apparently aiding the impending robot apocalypse doesn't come cheap. Check out little Autom in action after the break.

Introducing Autom™ from Intuitive Automata on Vimeo.




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