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The Google Zurich "Chilling Vat"

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Alli D

I do have a funny little story from the Zurich offices. We did a Google+ hangout from one of their special conference rooms. It was called “SkyNet”, and halfway through the hangout, the windows shades started to automatically close. It was really eerie and I made a joke about SkyNet, and there was nervous laughter behind me.

On the tour around the cool Zurich offices, Brian White took me into this watery oasis. It is where euro-Googlers come to nap when they need a brain-break. I don’t know for sure, but I imagine them slinking around in here while wearing trendy euro-clubbing clothes.

There were soft water-sounds wafting about, and everything was very zen. You can choose whatever sleeping arrangement you like: the porcelain tub filled with red foam cubes, the leathery massage chair that doesn’t ask questions, or many more..

Susan Really cool place Trey – I wish I had this in my office!! Maybe not…..I might vanish for the day!

Kelley Bard Did you TRY the red foam tub?!? I can’t imagine it’s comfy :) Great photo, love the tones. I would love love love a sleepy place in my workspace… what a great idea.

Jacques Man I’d love to have a place like that at the office to chill!

Andy Bird Google have some wacky but really relevant ideas – having something like this in the places I have worked would really help get more out of their employees? Am i right in saying that they also give their employees 1 hour per day to dedicate to an interest they have i.e if an employee loves photo-processing they are allowed to take an hour out to do some? Google seem to have embraced the famous old T2 quote “There is no fate but what we make for ourselves!” – I think my fate may well include bathtubs filled with red foam cubes now!

louis Nice colour tones.they say a cat nap helps you get through the day, but i love the extremes they use.




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