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ITK's Handroid: a softer, gentler robotic hand

created over 4 years ago | Tagged: technology, belonging, health, bionic, movement, muscles, virtual forest, hand, aid, motorized, robotic hands, handroid, medical prosthesis,


Most robotic hands are built with a series of individual motors in each joint, making them heavy, expensive and prone to gripping everything with the subtlety of a vice. Japan's ITK thinks it's solved those problems with Handroid -- designed with cords that mimic the muscles in our meat-paws. No motors mean it's far lighter than the standard Terminator design, and it's controlled with a glove that allows it to mirror the operator's movement as it happens. ITK wants to sell Handroid for the bargain price of $6,500 by 2013 for use in environments too dangerous for humans, but because it's so light and cheap it could also see use as a medical prosthesis.




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