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Two-Headed Burger

created over 4 years ago | Tagged: esteem, entertainment, qsr, sandwich, deity complex, fast food, mash up, belgium, burger, combo, mix, two headed burger, le double,


Things were starting to get a little quiet on the novelty sandwich front, but don't worry: The Belgian/French fast food chain Quick has come to the rescue with their Le Double Mix burger. Like some sort of burger out of Greek mythology, it's two burgers in one!

One side of the burger has a sauce au poivre and the other has a brie sauce. Helpfully, the two halves of the bun are also different so you can tell the sides apart. The goal, of course, is for the "greatest pleasure of your tastebuds." And it gets better! There's also a chicken version of the Double Mix that comes with a sweet curry sauce on one side and a spicy one on the other. The sandwiches are available until April 18.

Discover the Double Mix Chicken: a double burger with its breaded preparation of a base of chicken filet pieces, a sauce of sweet curry on one side and a sauce of spicy curry on the other. Don't hesitate, all the deliciousness of curry are reunited for the greatest pleasure of your tastebuds.

Discover the Double Mix Beef: with its two patties of ground beef, find on one side the character of the sauce au poivre and the other the unctuousness of the sauce brie fondue. Two burgers in one to discover right now.




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