Our proprietary database of CultureWaves evidence tracks human and market behaviors and helps us translate those into simple, unique, relevant and engaging solutions. To receive information about CultureWaves consulting services, Contact us!

Be First Faster

CultureWaves® is a consumer insights service and consultancy.

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More Signal, Less Noise

Insight had a definition before it was a buzzword. It means the point at which data gains greater meaning and relevance. CultureWaves is a jetpack for insight.


Refreshingly Un-Meta

Ever feel like you need an analyst to make sense of all the data coming at you? CultureWaves unique approach shows you actual examples where culture is moving, so you can be out in front of the opportunity.


Served Fresh

CultureWaves is an ongoing look at the evolution of behavior as it happens across macro trends. It's a tangible way to see how one cultural event impacts another, impacts another… until your brand is impacted.

CultureWaves Products

CultureWaves is evidence-based behavioral data that allows brands, marketers, editors and communications experts to make decisions about where to put their time, attention and money.

Weekly Tide Report®

Every week, we offer an overview of how our trending evidence can be applied to your business.

Monthly POV Report®

Every month, we offer an original editorial by a member of our team focused on a broad up-and-coming trend.

Quarterly Macro Trends Report

Our quarterly report is an overview of the most notable behavior across our macrotrends. Filtered through emerging, growing, and mainstreaming, from Physiological to Self-Actualization, this overview shows an evolving history of enduring human behavior.

Hot Sheets

Hot Sheets highlight behavioral insights in a perspective that can be localized.

Behavioral Translation

We refine ongoing life evidence to your category and specific needs, creating a unique look at opportunity areas and whitespace.

Ideation Session

In on-campus working sessions we translate LIFE into category-specific perspectives.


Sound Interesting?

It is. (We promise!) With CultureWaves, we are able to curate masses of evidence to reach understanding of the behavior that is changing the future, and then translate it into applications for your business—whether that's brand building, new product creation, or editorial content that is highly readable and watchable.

Fresh Behavioral Insights

Ideal For:
  • Enterprise story starters
  • Ideations
  • Target segmentation studies
  • …and more!

Let us share with you the many national and international brands that have been impacted by CultureWaves.  Contact us! for more information.